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ConnectyCube releases React Native SDK for building native iOS & Android apps using JavaScript and React

React Native allows you to build mobile iOS and Android apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components.

Today ConnectyCube releases its own React Native SDK, so that you are welcome to start developing apps with messaging functionality – chat, user authorization, file attachments, push notifications and many more.

We are also going to continue our effort in the area and release the video chat support soon, so you will be able to implement the video calling capabilities based on WebRTC technology: 1-1 video chat, group chat, mute/unmute opponents, switch camera and video recording.

How to start

  1. Create React Native App, use this link for reference.
  2. Simply install the ConnectyCube SDK package in a normal way:
    npm install connectycube-reactnative --save
  1. Then do some pre-setup steps for the internal dependency – xmpp.js lib:
    cd node_modules/connectycube-reactnative/xmpp.js
    cd ../../../
    cp -r node_modules/connectycube-reactnative/xmpp.js/node_modules/* node_modules/

The above steps will be simplified in future.

  1. And you’re ready to go:
    import {ConnectyCube} from 'connectycube-reactnative';
    var CB = new ConnectyCube();
  1. Now you can initialize the ConnectyCube SDK according to this guide.
  2. Start using Messaging capabilities.
  3. Check our documentation for React Native SDK for more information.

Have any issues?

Simply create an issue at our GitHub page and we will answer quickly!

Hope you will find it useful for your apps! Cheers!

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