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Social Apps

Social applications have become number one for everyone across the world. Simple messengers to keep in touch with friends and family, dating apps to meet new people, video calling apps to see beloved when you're far away. ConnectyCube provides all needed features for your audience to be satisfied with the application:

Use Cases


1-1 communication with friends

Discuss news, share secrets, express opinions via secure 1-1 chat with your friends anytime! User statuses, message delivery statuses, contact and blacklists, push notifications and many other features for you application.


Group chat

Stay connected with a group of buddies to discuss particular topics. Create closed group only for invited members or join public channel to meet new people and discuss questions you're interested in the most!


Sending attachments

Share pictures, photos, music or any other type of files with friends, family or colleagues. No need to keep them in your device storage - everything will be saved on ConnectyCube server, you can access your files anytime!


Video sessions

To stay connected even if you're far away! Enjoy private and group video sessions with your friends, colleagues or family members!

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