A ready-to-go messenger and calling app for iOS/Android platforms written in React Native



1-1 communication

Discuss tasks, plans, news, share secrets, express opinions via secure 1-1 chat with your colleagues and friends anytime! User statuses, message delivery statuses, contact and blacklists, push notifications and many other features for you in ConnectyCube Messenger.

Group chats

Stay connected with a group of partners, colleagues or buddies to discuss particular topics. Create a closed group only for invited members or join a public channel to meet new people and discuss questions you're interested in the most!.

Voice and Video Calling

Even more ways to communicate with each other through 1-1 or group video and audio calls.

Files sharing

Share documents, pictures, photos, music or any other type of files with friends, family,  colleagues or partners.

Address book integration

Once you have allowed ConnectyCube messenger access to your address book your phone contacts should automatically appear in your ConnectyCube messenger. 


A way to enable end-to-end encryption. This means that your private and group communications are completely encrypted and we can’t access your messages. Only you and the people you’re chatting to can read them, no one else can access them.

Phone number authentication

You only need your phone number to login to their account! Phone number authentication is considered user-friendly, fast, safe way to log in and protects you from fraudulent activity. You can only verify a phone number you own. 

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