Meet new dating app MatchPro with video calling via ConnectyCube React Native SDK.

Posted by awesomecube on October 21, 2019

Nowadays dating apps are becoming more and more popular.

Whereas before, people had very little exposure to online dating, today almost 50% of people use such services and meet their loved one through the dating apps.

Like it or not, but the dating app is a virtual world where it’s easier to meet with someone and start chatting than in the real world.


Today we want to represent a MatchPro app where video calling implemented via ConnectyCube React Native SDK. 

MatchPro is a dating app which allows users to match with people around them like Tinder. It allows you to meet new people.


API is built using AdonisJS & ConnectyCube. ConnectyCube Video Calling API is built on top of WebRTC protocol.

Mobile app Supports Android and iOS using React Native.

MatchPro has a slick design, easy to use and is meant to be for people who want to meet new people and really looking for relationships.

It’s super quick to join – you fill in name, email and password, then you simply upload a photo and an optional bio, indicate location, set age range and distance preferences, and away you go.

Users are able to choose the maximum distance they want to focus their search on. They are also able to filter down matches by age range and gender. 


  •     Like, Reject Profile: users can like, and reject individual profiles by increasing the chances of finding an apt match.
  •     Swipe: left, right, bottom, top swipe it all the way.
  •     Realtime Chat: after matching with individual profiles, a user can engage in seamless conversation with each other in MatchPro and exchange unlimited images, messages, etc.
  •     Video Call: super fast video call service using ConnectyCube.
  •     Last Seen Status: know your friend’s online presence.

UI looks the following way: 

               Sign in                                     Profile                                    Settings                       Chat/Send photo                     Video call                               User Detail

Don’t be shy, download MatchPro today to make meaningful connections for your life with new people.


Feel free to integrate ConnectyCube platform into your apps (iOS, Android, Web) to make it reliable, user-friendly and competitive on the market! 

We provide all needed features for your audience to be satisfied with the application:

–      1-1 text/audio/video chat

–      Group text/audio/video chat

–      File attachments of any extension

–      Push notifications – to receive updates even if you’re not online

–      Video recording

–      User statuses – to see which friends are available for conversation.


You can register a FREE account and try our services to decide whether our platform fits your project.




New Android SDK v1.8.1

Posted by awesomecube on October 11, 2019

We are happy to announce that ConnectyCube Android SDK v1.8.1 has been released!

Here is the change log:

Chat module


  • reduced chat login time by 2 – 3 seconds or even more
  • added isAutoInitChat to handling initChatFromRest() when downloading dialogs from REST – ConnectycubeChatService.ConfigurationBuilder().setAutoInitChat(false); (true by default)


In ConnectycubeChatService:

  • fixed current thread blocking in some cases until chat login ends
  • fixed user is null – ConnectycubeChatService.getInstance().getUser() – for up to 2-3 seconds, when ConnectycubeChatService.getInstance().isLoggedIn() is already true
  • fixed SMACK Android logs (weren’t showing)

CustomObjects module


  • fixed displaying REST logs when ConnectycubeCustomObjects.getObjectPermissions()


New SDK is available on our Github page.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

Stay tuned!


New JavaScript SDK v1.8.0 and React Native SDK v1.8.0

Posted by awesomecube on October 7, 2019

We are glad to let you know that ConnectyCube JavaScript SDK 1.8.0 and React Native SDK 1.8.0 are released!

There are tons of new messaging APIs, especially Chat Admins, Public Dialogs, Notifications Settings, Chat Search etc.


New API:

  •, admins_ids, callback) – API to assign chat dialog admins;
  •, admins_ids, callback) – API to resign chat dialog admins;
  •, callback) – API to subscribe for public chat dialog;
  •, callback) – API to unsubscribe from public chat dialog;
  •, callback) – API to list public chat dialog occupants;
  •, enabled, callback) – API to mute/unmute chat dialog;
  •, callback) – API to get a ‘mute’ state of chat dialog;
  •, callback) – API for search in chat dialog;
  • – API to mark a client as inactive. Used as an indicator to start receiving push notifications while an app is in background;
  • – API to mark a client as active. Used as an indicator to stop receiving push notifications while an app is in foreground.


  • Chat messages ‘sent’ status API (aka Stream Management) stabilisation


All the new APIs are covered at Messaging documentation page 


Please refer to Connect SDK  page on how to connect or upgrade new SDKs.

Feel free to contact us in a case of any questions




ConnectyCube JavaScript SDK – unified tool for building messaging and calling apps.

Posted by awesomecube on October 3, 2019

Hi everybody, 

Today we want to tell more about our unified tool for building messaging and calling apps – JavaScript SDK.

ConnectyCube JavaScript SDK is ready to start developing apps – chat, video chat, user authorization, file attachments, push notifications and many more. No server side implementation required. You can concentrate fully on your mobile app development. Our JS SDK provides many helpful methods to build the chat and video chat features on the client side.

We can hardly imagine a modern mobile or web app without a chat feature. Chat functionality gains more popularity day by day and it is a really necessary feature in healthcare apps (for doctor-patient communication), social apps (for communication with friends), banking apps (for customer support), recruiting apps (for communication with applicants and customers), real-estate apps (to keep your customers communicating via your communication channels), marketplaces apps (for buyer-seller communication), educational apps (for teacher-student communication).

 With ConnectyCube JavaScript SDK you can easily integrate not only chat feature into your app, but also more features, like 

  • group chats, 
  • chat moderation, 
  • video calls, 
  • push notifications, 
  • files storage, 
  • users authorization, 
  • automated chat bots. 

The full set of features for your mobile and web apps is available at Features page.

 ConnectyCube JavaScript SDK can be used on all modern frameworks/environments which is a huge benefit having a single tool to cover all the platforms:

React Native allows you to build mobile iOS and Android apps using only JavaScript.

Thousands of apps are using React Native from the largest companies to new startups in the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and other countries. Instagram, Skype, Tesla, Bloomberg mobile app for iOS and Android, etc. are all accomplished with React Native.

ConnectyCube has an excellent React Native platform coverage and own React Native SDK.

Native Script is an Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps for iOS & Android with JavaScript. Native Script might be less popular in the mobile app development world, but Native Script’s capacity to meet business needs is similar to that of React Native.

Popular brands that chose to build their apps with NativeScript include PUMA, Sennheiser, and Deloitte Digital. Most popular apps made of Native Script: Strudel (dating app), BitPoits Wallet, Daily Nanny, Regelneef (monitors energy consumption), Dwitch (food delivery service).

ConnectyCube JavaScript SDK supports Native Script so you can easily use it in a normal way as you use for Web browser sites with JavaScript applications.

It is ready to start developing apps with messaging functionality – chat, user authorization, file attachments, push notifications and many more. 

Apache Cordova (formerly known as PhoneGap) is a popular mobile application development framework that enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript instead of relying on platform-specific APIs like those in Android or iOS.

By using Cordova, you can quickly turn your existing single page application into a mobile application for different platforms.

Worldwide companies that use Apache Cordova: Facebook, Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft, Zynga, Logitech, etc.

ConnectyCube Cordova SDK is ready to start developing apps – chat, video chat, user authorization, file attachments, push notifications and many more. No server side implementation required. You can concentrate fully on your mobile app development.

Angular is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks for building web applications. 

AngularJS has been included in virtually every list of top 10 JavaScript frameworks since its release in 2009. 

Worldwide companies that use Angular in there apps: Microsoft, Autodesk, MacDonald’s, Cisco Solution Partner Program, Apple, Adobe, GoPro, Upwork, YouTube, Paypal, Nike, Google, Telegram, Weather, iStockphoto, AWS, Crunchbase, etc.

Node.js is one of the most popular open-source, cross-platform, runtime environment that allows developers to run JavaScript outside of a browser. It is in the root of more than 107,500 websites as of now. It is used by many famous companies and industry giants like BBC, Forbes, NASA, Uber, Netflix, Walmart and Twitter.

On our website you can find available documentation to help with your development and implement real-time chat, video chat, push notifications and user authorization to any app.

We are constantly improving our services to make your development easy and effective.

Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you with the development.



ConnectyCube iOS SDK v1.7.0 with iOS 13.1 support has been released!

Posted by awesomecube on October 2, 2019

We are happy to announce the ConnectyCube  iOS SDK v1.7.0 release with iOS 13.1 support.

The latest version of SDK is available at CocoaPods

Please refer to the guide on how to upgrade the SDK version

Feel free to check it!

Let us know if you have any issues.

ConnectyCube Team