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New ConnectyCube Web SDK v1.4.0 has been released!


Great news! Our Web SDK with support of authorization using QR-code is here! Pay attention to the changelog:

New API:

  1. new method to update a contact’s name in ContactList:
    ConnectyCube.chat.contactList.updateName({ userId: userId, name: userName }, callback);
  2. Config chat.contactList.subscriptionMode.mutual: false. Use it to switch off a mutual contact list subscription mode;
  3. Method to create a Web session ConnectyCube.createWebSession({long: 1}, function(error, qrCodeSVG) { ... }) (useful for QR code login at Web part, like in WhatsApp)
  4. Method to check a Web session state ConnectyCube.checkWebSessionUntilUpgrade(function(timeoutError, upgradedSession) { ... }) (useful for QR code login at Web part, like in WhatsApp)
  5. Method to upgrade a Web session ConnectyCube.upgradeWebSession(function(error) { ... })(useful for QR code login at Web part, like in WhatsApp)


  1. The ConnectyCube.chat.sendIsStopTypingStatus(callback) is fixed.

Breaking API changes:

  1. streamManagement.enable: true config is replaced with chat.streamManagment.enable: true
  2. chatReconnectionTimeInterval: 5 config is replaced with chat.reconnectionTimeInterval: 5
  3. Both methods ConnectyCube.chat.contactList.add and ConnectyCube.chat.contactList.confirm now accept an object as a 1st parameter with the following format: { userId: userId, name: userName }, instead of a jidOrUserId string

New SDK is available on our GitHub page.

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