New release of iOS SDK v1.5

Great news!

Meet new release of ConnectyCube iOS SDK v1.5. There are pretty much changes in it:


  • Added new property occupantsCount into CYBChatDialogclass – public dialog only
  • Added new property viewsCount into CYBChatDialogclass – public dialog only
  • Added new property ‘avatar’ into  CYBUser and CYBUpdateUserParameters classes
  • Added new class CYBUserSessionDetails 
  • Added new class property useMutualSubscriptionForContactList into CYBSettings – for using mutual subscription for ContactList
  • Added + [CYBRequest userSessionsWithSuccessBlock:errorBlock:] method for retrieving user sessions
  • Added  + [CYBRequest deleteUserSessionWithID:successBlock:errorBlock:] method for deleting session of user with session ID
  • Added + [CYBRequest occupantsForPublicDialogID:paginator:successBlock:errorBlock:]method for retrieving occupants of public chat dialog with dialog ID
  • Added + [CYBRequest deleteAllUserSessionsExceptCurrentWithSuccessBlock:errorBlock:]method for deleting all sessions of user


  • tags property from CYBBlob class

You can find new SDK on our GitHub page.