New iOS SDK v1.6 is here!


We are glad to let you know about new iOS SDK release, which includes:


  • Session errors parsing
  • + [CYBRequest addAdminsToDialogWithID:adminsUserIDs:successBlock:errorBlock:] – method for adding admins into group/public dialog.
  • + [CYBRequest removeAdminsFromDialogWithID:adminsUserIDs:successBlock:errorBlock:] – method for removing admins from group/public dialog.


  • Added CYBChatDialog in successBlock into + [CYBRequest addAdminsToDialogWithID:adminsUserIDs:successBlock:errorBlock:] method – without deprecating
  • Added CYBChatDialog in successBlock into + [CYBRequest removeAdminsFromDialogWithID:adminsUserIDs:successBlock:errorBlock:] method – without deprecating

It is available on our GitHub page, documentation how to use iOS SDK is available on our website.