New backend server based on XMPP Ejabberd technology

Hi there!

We have stunning news to share today!

We can proudly say that this year was very productive for our team and we’ve managed to finish our main task – full server rebuild. We’ve been working on this for a while and now we are happy to announce that we implemented XMPP Ejabberd server to our backend solution!

The main advantage of this technology is that now you can send x10 more messages per second, XMPP Ejabberd server is more stable and reliable. Also XMPP Ejabberd server is massively scalable:

  • Massive concurrency: 2 000 000 users on 1 node
  • Cluster with consistent hashing to get rid of data replication, resulting in more effective approach in internode communications
  • Memory reduction of the data kept in memory for each connected user
  • PubSub broadcast optimisation with reduction of internal data transfer in cluster setup

Another great part of this technology is that ejabberd offers many customization hooks to adapt it easily to various use cases, which means we can offer much more customization to you according to your needs and requirements. It is fault-tolerant, so that you do not need to worry about your data safety:

  • Runs in a cluster out of the box
  • All nodes are active: platform built on top of ejabberd supports fault tolerance mechanisms
  • Upgradable while it is running: unmatched uptime
  • No message lost: for each message, the XMPP server checks the status of delivery with an acknowledgment provided by the mobile app
  • Mobile network disconnections managed at XMPP server level
  • Secure code runs in a trusted environment, with all SSL / TLS encryption best practices

We would like to thank all members of the team who took part in this development – it was really hard, but totally worth it!

We always appreciate the feedback, feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions on this new technology using!