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PWA for progressive ConnectyCube platform

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) become popular currently.

Google Play supports Progressive Web Apps already.

Apple iOS 12.2 brings more things for PWA support like a maintainable app state.


ConnectyCube is also going to be a part of the solution and adjust its JS SDK to comply with PWA requirements.


What does PWA mean anyway?

It means that if you have a website which meets certain requirements, you can transform it easily to a mobile app.

You can re-use your code and with minimal changes build an Android or iOS app from it.

Users will not need to open a browser to access it. PWA can have an icon like native standalone apps do.

Also if the user was previously logged in your application via browser on his device, upon installing the PWA app he should be logged in automatically.


What does a Web app need to be a Progressive Web App?

Here is the list of requirements to be met:
– responsive UI
– cross-browser support
– offline mode support (data cache, app URLs load while offline)


We are going to improve our JS SDK to meet PWA requirements.

Stay tuned!

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