ConnectyCube full backend update


We are more than happy to announce full backend update of ConnectyCube server, which includes full code re-write and optimization along with admin panel re-branding.

We decided to leave connection algorithm as it is for your convenience, so no worries – no need to change anything in your application for now. However all internal algorithms were changed, including some chat functionality, calling functionality and backend infrastructure. If you’re considering Enterprise plan please contact us to get new requirements for your hosting providers and feel free to ask any questions about how our new API works.

With proud we can state that speed has increased by 30% approximately, which means faster chats, faster response time and general performance improvement.

Another good point is that we have improved stats collecting, so that you can always have up-to-date information about your application performance, your account usage and so on. It is now available in ‘Account Stats’ menu in your admin panel. You can easily switch between applications to check stats for each of them.


The link to admin panel remains the same Feel free to explore all new functionality right away.

We are grateful to all our customers, who sent us the feedback during these months and took part in beta-testing. Without you we could not improve our services and achieve what we have now.

Feel free to contact us in case of any questions or suggestions, we’re always here to help!