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Top 5 communication features for your HealthCare app you should implement with ConnectyCube

Have you thought why HealthCare applications are so popular? We here have some thoughts on it. First of all, it’s faster. No need to go to the hospital, wait in line, just pick up the doctor and book an appointment whenever you want. Second, it is much cheaper generally. And the most important: no matter where you live you can get medical attention using the app, even if the hospital is miles away.

Popularity of such applications among users makes them very attractive for investors, so that a lot of developers study specifically this area, just jumping from one HealthCare project to another. This leads to a large amount of typical applications, which are not different from each other.

If you want to make difference, create valuable product, which can save lives, you should definitely add the following hot features to it.

  1. Chat Bot

    Are you able to determine which doctor you should book an appointment with at once if you haven’t experienced such symptoms before? We bet, no. Of course, if you have only one symptom it can be natural, but what if you have some strange set of troubles, which can be related to different diseases? Not all of us a good googlers, so that app should help user to choose the appropriate doctor to talk to. ConnectyCube offers chatbots implementation approach, which will help you to add this functionality to your app to make it user-friendly and competitive on market. Just imagine: now user can have brief chat with the bot, who can group all symptoms and suggest appropriate doctor without any need to take time of others, who can’t help with that specific disease. 

    You can develop intelligence of your chat by using Rasa, RiveScript or any other similar solution. Also, you can modify UI according to your needs and as as many features as you wish.

  2. Possibility to work with low Internet speed

    This might be the most important requirement for the HealthCare app stability. ConnectyCube server infrastructure is stable and reliable due to recent backend update and general optimization. Also, clientside SDKs offer automatic reconnect to chat in case connection is lost, may check the docs iOS, Android and Web. For video solution we offer SFU server, which has great advantage before regular peer-to-peer calls.

  3. Possibility to make audio and video calls

    Depends on the type of consultation patients might need audio or video call with doctor. Main idea of separation of such calls is that you can charge patients differently on different type of calls. ConnectyCube provides video and audio calling functionality for iOS, Android and Web so that you can make it cross-platform and easy to use both for doctors and patients.

  4. Consultation’s history

    Possibility to retrieve previous chat/videochat sessions is very important part of every application. ConnectyCube saves chat history and stores it on server, so that developer can easily get all messages, convert to .json and save to file. If you do not wish to provide chat history to all users, but have a requirement to provide it by request it is possible to download needed chat history via ConnectyCube admin panel.

    While saving chat history functionality is quite simple thing for developer, videorecording is very complicated and resource intensive process, which not every modern device can handle. According to our research implementing client-side recording makes sense only with some new iOS devices and only for 1-1 calls. Some Android devices now started to correspond hardware requirements as well, so that we decided to start client-side recording feature development for them as well. To avoid device’s overload and make this functionality simple and easy-to-integrate ConnectyCube offers server-side videorecording, which performed automatically, can just purchase addon alsong with SFU server and make simple adjustments to enjoy this functionality. This will fit if you need not only 1-1 calls, but group calls recording as well.

  5. Different attachment’s type

    What can be easier? Why do we need different attachments type if we can just put everything in doc pdf and be done with that? It’s not so, actually. What, if the doctor needs to check previous consultation, not just general summary, but full examination? Or you need to send the X-rays to your doctor without decreasing the quality. That is very important to support different attachments types and ConnectyCube has implemented this, just follow the documentation for iOS, Android and Web 


That’s top-5 hot features, which will make your application user-friendly and convenient to use, but there are lot more! Just checkout ConnectyCube HealthCare use case page, where we described basic features for HealthCare apps.

ConnectyCube team constantly works on the product development to help our customers with projects. Stay tuned, a lot of new features are on the way!

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