Migration from Layer

           It is hard to imagine a modern app or website without a chat feature. Nowadays it has become a standard for healthcare, business, finance and marketplace apps and websites as well as MMORPG games to have a chat feature. Chat functionality is also widely used by dating websites and social networks and gains more popularity day by day.

           We have recently heard that on July 25th, 2019, Shaun VanWeelden, Head of Layer, announcing that they are ceasing all chat operations on October 30th, 2019. We understand this is a serious blow to current Layer customers when the service that you use for several years goes down. Our ConnectyCube team understands how difficult it is to migrate to another platform for customers and ready to help with migration and support them for the long term.

           Let’s compare the features provided by ConnectyCube and Layer, so that you can understand that when migrating to ConnectyCube you’ll also immediately benefit many additional features: https://connectycube.com/2018/09/12/product-comparison-connectycube-vs-sendbird-vs-applozic-vs-layer/

           ConnectyCube supports iOS (Swift and Objective-C), Android (Java and Kotlin), Web (JavaScript), ReactNative, Cordova and NativeScript platforms and make it easy to integrate, with ready to go front-end components.

          We provide SDKs for instant messaging, peer-to-peer and group audio/video calling for iOS (Swift and Objective-C), Android (Java and Kotlin), Web(JavaScript), ReactNative, Cordova and NativeScript platforms as well as REST API for those cases when you need to add some feature not available in SDKs or to write an app on another programming language. 

          Our main use cases are healthcare, social-apps, banking, recruiting, real-estate, marketplaces, educational-apps. ConnectyCube provides all needed features to make your to make your apps reliable, user-friendly and competitive on the market. 

          We offer a 10% discount off our pricing list for Enterprise customers for your first 6 months of subscription and additional 10% discount if you pay for 6 months in advance.

          We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and help you with quick integrate with ConnectyCube.

Feel free to contact us.