A messenger demo app for Android using ConnectyCube platform.

Hello there!

We have stunning news to share today!

Our ConnectyCube team released a messenger demo app for Android using ConnectyCube platform. We are constantly improving our services to make your development easy and effective. This app helps developers to facilitate and speed up their work, so everyone can implement needed functions according to project requirements. 

Now, the messenger demo app for Android and basic instructions are available on our developers page. On our website you can find available documentation to help with your development.

Technical specification:

Language – Kotlin (with using coroutines)

Support library – androidx

Project contains the following features implemented:

  • Edit username and avatar
  • Chat dialogs creation (private and group)
  • Group chat: edit group name, description; add/remove participants; add/remove admins
  • Group chat info
  • Send messages
  • File attachments (only Image)
  • Sent/Delivered/Read messages statuses
  • ‘Is typing’ statuses

For developing the messenger demo app for Android were used Android Jetpack Components, namely Android Architecture Components:

  1. LiveData – Notify views when underlying database changes
  2. ViewModel – Manage UI-related data in a lifecycle-conscious way
  3. Room – Fluent SQLite database access
  4. Paging – Gradually load information on demand from data source
  5. WorkManager – Manage Android background jobs

So, let’s have a quick tour together.

The “Dialogs window” looks the following way:

Now we select one of the “Dialogs” and see:

A “Group details” screen looks the following way:

Even more features will be added in future:

    • Video calling
    • Messages sections, group by date
    • Better chat screen UI
    • Push notifications 
    • Group chat: edit avatar
    • Group chat alerts

Feel free to check it!

Your feedback is always appreciated!

Keep an eye for our further news. More features are coming!