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New JavaScript SDK v1.8.0 and React Native SDK v1.8.0

We are glad to let you know that ConnectyCube JavaScript SDK 1.8.0 and React Native SDK 1.8.0 are released!

There are tons of new messaging APIs, especially Chat Admins, Public Dialogs, Notifications Settings, Chat Search etc.


New API:

  • ConnectyCube.chat.dialog.addAdmins(id, admins_ids, callback) – API to assign chat dialog admins;
  • ConnectyCube.chat.dialog.removeAdmins(id, admins_ids, callback) – API to resign chat dialog admins;
  • ConnectyCube.chat.dialog.subscribeToPublic(id, callback) – API to subscribe for public chat dialog;
  • ConnectyCube.chat.dialog.unsubscribeFromPublic(id, callback) – API to unsubscribe from public chat dialog;
  • ConnectyCube.chat.dialog.getPublicOccupants(id, callback) – API to list public chat dialog occupants;
  • ConnectyCube.chat.dialog.updateNotificationsSettings(id, enabled, callback) – API to mute/unmute chat dialog;
  • ConnectyCube.chat.dialog.getNotificationsSettings(id, callback) – API to get a ‘mute’ state of chat dialog;
  • ConnectyCube.chat.search(params, callback) – API for search in chat dialog;
  • ConnectyCube.chat.markInactive() – API to mark a client as inactive. Used as an indicator to start receiving push notifications while an app is in background;
  • ConnectyCube.chat.markActive() – API to mark a client as active. Used as an indicator to stop receiving push notifications while an app is in foreground.


  • Chat messages ‘sent’ status API (aka Stream Management) stabilisation


All the new APIs are covered at Messaging documentation page https://developers.connectycube.com/js/messaging 


Please refer to Connect SDK  page on how to connect or upgrade new SDKs.

Feel free to contact us in a case of any questions



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