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(RESOLVED) An incident with ConnectyCube payment service

Due to the fact that we had a simplified payment system for our services, which allowed our users to authorize their payment details in a few clicks, we had an incident yesterday: more than 2000 new subscribers were added into our system by an unknown way. 

Some newly subscribed users received a message that funds (~ 1$) was debited from their bank cards by our system. But in fact, our system did not charge any money. 

       – Our team has taken the necessary measures already to eliminate this incident.

       – We assure no personal or bank data leakage has occurred at our side.

       – If you got an SMS regarding funds debited – it means your credit card details leaked and now is a part of some public cards list. We highly recommend you to contact your bank and change the credit card details.  

We have collected enough information about this incident and a person who performed this attack and will conduct further action.

We’re really sorry about this incident and will do our best to eliminate things like this in future.


ConnectyCube team. 


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