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Announcing 3rd generation of SDKs for developing chat and video chat apps for JavaScript, Cordova, Node, React Native and NativeScript apps

We are glad to let you know that ConnectyCube JavaScript SDK 3.0 and React Native SDK 3.0 are released!

With this new release, we introduce a new Conference calling API.

The new API is covered in Video Conferencing documentation page.

We made the Conference Calling API as close as possible to existing Calling P2P API, so the transition can be smooth. 

JavaScript SDK 3.0 supports all modern frameworks/environments like Browser (React, Angular, Vue, Vanilla JS), Cordova/Ionic, Node.js, React Native, NativeScript and Electron which is a huge benefit having a single tool to cover all the platforms.

Download SDKs

  •   npm install connectycube –save to install JS SDK for Browser, Cordova/Ionic, Node.js, NativeScript and Electron.
  •   npm install react-native-connectycube –save to install React Native SDK



Also, a new Conference calling code sample for Web is released to speed up and simplify the integration.

Feel free to check this code sample at ConnectyCube Github repository.

You can register a FREE account and try our services to decide whether our platform fits your project.


Keep an eye for further updates at our blog https://connectycube.com/blog/ 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you with the development.


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