ConnectyCube launches a platform for video conferencing – TeaTalk

Today the COVID-19 crisis has gripped almost the whole world. Many of us are forced to be isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

And in this hard time of uncertainty due to COVID-19, we want to support you and not let you feel socially isolated thanks to our video conferencing platform named TeaTalk. We want to help you stay in touch with loved ones, friends, co-workers, even when you cannot physically see them.

TeaTalk allows you to keep in touch with everyone you need to (family members, friends, co-workers), organize video conferencing and webinars. This is a great platform for people in all industries. You can use it for personal or business reasons. The  quarantine also has forced many companies to implement work from home policies. And with a video conferencing solution, your employees can work together effectively, no matter where they’re located.

TeaTalk features:

– Simple one click voice and video meetings 

– Up to 12 voice and video publishers in a single meeting 

– Up to 100 listeners in a single meeting – perfectly fits the educational purpose. 

– No plugins, apps are required to install – all is Web and Cloud based. Thanks to PWA 

– No tracking code – all your personal data is safe 

You can launch it directly in your browser and easily invite people to join in for online meetings via a link. Everyone with a smartphone, tablet or computer can connect with others during our stay-at-home isolation during this apocalyptic pandemic. Just click on “Create and Join Guest Room” and invite up to 12 people to join you on video! 

Stay at home and save lives with TeaTalk.

This will also protect you and help prevent the spread of coronavirus.


Hope you will find it useful for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or questions. 

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Be healthy!