Top 10 required features for every remote Educational App

           Internet technology has become a necessity in our modern lives and had a deep influence on almost all aspects of our lives, and on education too. With easy internet access these days, the popularity of the smartphone uses and social networking the distance learning has gained great popularity over the past few years. And the main advantage of distance learning is that it can continue without disruption even in events like snow days, natural disasters or the COVID-19 pandemic, that force schools and universities to close down.

More and more teachers use distance learning applications and online educational tools in their practice. 

          And for distance learning to be successful and effective, a modern remote Educational App must contain the following features:

  1. Streaming-only mode

Live streaming is a very useful technology for remote learning and allows users to real-time interaction and a “classroom-like” feel. Users can easily go live from anywhere using the camera of their smartphone.

  1. Session recording (audio/video recording)

Recording lessons gives teachers the ability to save and upload the videos to re-play by students if they missed the session or need to rewatch part of the lesson.

  1. Screen sharing

This feature allows the teachers to share a desktop screen with students.

  1. Chat admins

This feature allows the teachers to be assigned as chat admins for group chats and add and remove students from the conversation, for example.

  1. Adding participants to ongoing call

During the lessons you might need to add/remove other teachers or students.

  1. In-lessons chat

In-lessons chat allows students to interact with the teacher, rather than just listening. The teacher can get responses to questions immediately, and check these responses in real-time or later. In-lessons chat can be saved manually or automatically. Also, the teacher can send a private message to an individual user or the teacher can send a message to an entire group.

Students are not always polite in their expressions. Feature ‘Masking bad words in chat’ protects teachers by masking bad words in chat and replacing them with something else like asterisks or some other word like “rose”.

  1. File sharing

Allows teachers and students easily send tasks and other educational materials during the lessons. 

  1. Polling

This feature allows you to conduct polls during your class session.

  1. Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms allow you to split the class into several separate groups. The teacher can choose to split the students into these separate groups automatically or manually, and can switch between sessions at any time. This may be necessary when performing group tasks.

  1. Non-verbal feedback 

With Nonverbal feedback feature, students can place an icon (for example, the Raise Hand icon simulates a hand raise.) beside their name to communicate with the teacher without disrupting the flow of the lessons.

TeaTalk to the rescue

The features mentioned above are the most important ones. With simple, reliable Video conferencing platforms, that contains most of these features you can enable teaching from anywhere. One such platform is TeaTalk.

TeaTalk – it is a great, simple, effective and reliable solution that anyone can use. We’ve made it easy to engage in a virtual classroom allowing you to connect with a one click of a button. No plugins, apps are required to install. You can launch it directly in your favorite browser.

TeaTalk contains the following features:

– Simple one click voice and video meetings 

– Up to 12 voice and video publishers in a single meeting 

– Up to 100 listeners in a single meeting – perfectly fits the educational purpose. 

– Possibility to add another participant into ongoing call

– No plugins, apps are required to install – all is Web and Cloud based. Thanks to PWA 

– No tracking code – all your personal data is safe 

– Both cloud hosted and at your own cloud/on-prem data center 


Hope you will find it useful for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or questions. 

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