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ConnectyCube Calling API comparison

ConnectyCube Calling API is built on top of WebRTC technology and allows adding audio and video calling features into your mobile and Web apps.

In this article we will compare different ConnectyCube Calling APIs to understand what is best for your business idea purposes.


P2P calling Conference calling Conference calling – Guest room
Max participants 4 15 publishers
100 listeners
15 publishers
100 listeners
Authorization required Yes Yes No
Restricted access to call for participants list only Yes Yes No
Server involvement* No Yes Yes
Join by link No Yes Yes
Add/remove occupants No Yes Yes
Switch camera Yes Yes Yes
On/Off camera Yes Yes Yes
Mute/Unmute mic Yes Yes Yes
Switch audio output Yes Yes Yes
Screen Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Security** Best Good Good
Best for Simple but most secure Audio/Video calls in small groups up to 4 people. – Calls in big groups up to 15 participants with a strict participants list.
– Streaming purpose e.g. a teacher and students use case.
– Same as Conference calling.
– When simple anonymous access via link is desirable.

* for P2P calls – all the traffic goes P2P directly between all the parties, no intermediate server is invoved. For Conference calling – an SFU bridge is used in between participants.

** as with P2P calls all the traffic goes P2P directly between all the parties and w/o a server involvement hence security is the best.


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