TeaTalk to support geo distributed deployment.

         Video conferencing platforms are increasingly important to our everyday lives, because we rely on them for online calling, webinars, online education and much more. It is very important that the UIs of these platforms load very quickly and the data is served as soon as it is launched, in real-time. But due the growing number of users, the problem of data scalability arises. Geo-distribution helps to avoid this and also allows a user to be served from a nearby server, thereby reducing user response times. 

          We are pleased to inform you that our platform for video conferencing TeaTalk to support geo distributed deployment. We installed the TeaTalk calling backend nodes across different regions. It enables the call (conference) initiator to connect to the server closest to his location that ensures that users always get the best possible performance and quality.

          Feel free to use TeaTalk for video conferencing and webinars. It is a great, simple, effective and reliable solution that anyone can use. No plugins, apps are required to install. You can launch it directly in your favorite browser with a one click of a button.

Also TeaTalk contains the following features:

  • up to 12 voice and video publishers in a single meeting; 
  • up to 100 listeners in a single meeting – perfectly fits the educational purpose;
  • possibility to add another participant into ongoing call;
  • no tracking code – all your personal data is safe; 
  • both cloud hosted and at your own cloud/on-prem data center. 

Hope you will find it useful for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or questions. 

Your feedback is highly appreciated!