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ConnectyCube releases its own NativeScript SDK.

Today we release a separated NativeScript SDK for ConnectyCube.


Now cross-platform development helps to build high-quality mobile applications in short development time frames for low costs. And one of the popular cross-platform mobile app development frameworks is NativeScript. NativeScript makes it possible to use Javascript to build fully-native mobile iOS and Android applications. Popular brands whose apps are built with NativeScript include PUMA, Sennheiser, Deloitte Digital, GeekyAnts, etc.


Due to increased NativeScript integration demand, today ConnectyCube releases its own NativeScript SDK, that provides a simple interface to the messaging, video calling, push notifications, user authorization, cloud files storage capabilities and many more. So that you can integrate all these features into your application and save tons of time.


Simply install the package in a normal way:

npm install nativescript-connectycube --save


NativeScript SDK Getting Started guide 

Chat code sample

The sample and basic instructions are available on our GitHub page


Have any issues? Feel free to contact us.

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