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New ConnectyCube Flutter SDK v0.3.0 with Conference Calling feature has been released!

We are happy to announce the ConnectyCube Flutter SDK v0.3.0 release with Conference Calling feature implemented. 

Features supported: 

  • Video/Audio Conference with up to 12 people
  • Join-Rejoin video room functionality (like Skype)
  • Guest rooms (coming soon)
  • Mute/Unmute audio/video streams
  • Display bitrate (coming soon)
  • Switch video input device (camera)
  • Switch audio input device (microphone)


The feature is available starting from ConnectyCube Flutter SDK v0.3.0.

Read the guide how to connect ConnectyCube Flutter SDK https://developers.connectycube.com/flutter/?id=connect-sdk 


ConnectyCube Flutter SDK getting started – https://developers.connectycube.com/flutter/

ConnectyCube Flutter Conference Calling API documentation – https://developers.connectycube.com/flutter/videocalling-conference

Code sample

Also we have released Flutter Conference Call Code Sample 


Project contains the following features implemented:

  • User authorization
  • Video calls up to 4 users
  • Mute/unmute microphone
  • Mute/unmute video
  • Switch camera
  • Snack bars to notify users about changes

Hope it will be useful for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


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