ConnectyCube Flutter Chat code sample has been released!


We would like to share good news with everyone, who uses Flutter for cross-platform app development and wants to add messaging capabilities to your app. 

Our ConnectyCube team released a Chat code sample for Flutter to speed up and simplify your development. You can use this code sample as a basis for your chat app or can easily modify according to your needs.

Project contains the following features implemented:

  • User authorization
  • Users search
  • Chat dialogs creation
  • 1-1 messaging
  • Group messaging
  • ‘Is typing’ statuses
  • Group chat: edit group name, foto; list of participants, add/remove participants; leave group

Check it out on our GitHub page.

ConnectyCube Flutter SDK

ConnectyCube Flutter SDK is ready to start developing apps – chat, video chat, user authorization, file attachments, push notifications and many more. No server side implementation required. You can concentrate fully on your mobile app development. 

Flutter Getting Started 

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Hope you find it useful for you!

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