Platform updates #1

We are more than happy to inform you that we are launching a “Platform Updates” digest.

The Platform Updates will be a series of posts with recent updates happened with ConnectyCube Platform – new features, performance improvements, new guides, documentations updates and so on.

Today we are launching the 1st series of the platform updates, please find below: 


  • Release of Flutter SDK v1.1.2


  • Improvements for background calls;
  • improved parsing of CubeSubscription model;
  • fixed conflicts when connecting some dependencies near with ConnectyCube SDK;

Read the guide how to connect ConnectyCube Flutter SDK 

Code Samples

  • Added Push notifications to the Chat code sample for Flutter.

Main changes:

  • Added logout from the chat after navigate app to the background or close;
  • added subscription to Push notification after first login to the app;
  • added listening push notifications when app killed or in background;
  • added navigation in-to the app by click on notification;
  • added unsubscribe from push notifications after logout from the app;
  • implemented reconnection manager for the chat connection;
  • implemented session manager;
  • added a new guide to how to connect Push notifications to our sample.

The sample and basic instructions are available on our GitHub page.


Recently we did a huge performance optimisation for the underlying ConnectyCube DataBase service on ConnectyCube public cloud, especially – related to chats retrieval API. Some of you may notice recently a performance degradation because of the issues. As for now, the issue is resolved, which is proved by the following screenshot of ConnectyCube DataBase service CPU utilisation for past 7 days:

We hope these updates will be useful for you to track the ConnectyCube platform development progress. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you with the development.

More updates coming soon, stay tuned!