New ConnectyCube React Native SDK v3.10.0 with screen sharing support has been released!

          Nowadays screen sharing is highly useful and one of the most important and necessary features during online meetings. It makes online meetings more productive and successful. Now there is no need to email documents, images, charts, presentations, etc. for viewing before an online meeting, because screen sharing during an online meeting allows collaboration on documents in real-time. You can easily share a live video feed of what is happening on your computer’s screen, with other participants while being on a call. This takes online meetings to the next level and allows you to collaborate more effectively with remote co-workers. 


The feature is available starting from ConnectyCube RN SDK v3.10.0.   


Screen Sharing API documentation is available here 


Hope it will be useful for you!

Feel free to integrate it into your application to make it more powerful and competitive as soon as possible.

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