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Meet Screen Sharing support in ConnectyCube Flutter SDK.

We are starting the new year with two great news at once for everyone who uses Flutter for app development. We have released:

     1 – ConnectyCube Flutter SDK v2.0.8 with Screen Sharing support

     2 – P2P and Conference calls code samples with Screen Sharing support


Release of Flutter SDK v2.0.8 with Screen Sharing support.

What’s new:

  • Chat:

          – implemented the Privacy lists feature;

  • Calls:

          – implemented the Screen sharing feature;

          – added method setTorchEnabled(bool) for enabling/disabling the torch on the call;

          – added method replaceMediaStream(MediaStream) for using own MediaStream on the call;

Flutter SDK supports the Screen Sharing feature for the next platforms:

  • Android (full support);
  • iOS (in-app only);
  • Web (full support);

New SDK is available on pub.dev https://pub.dev/packages/connectycube_sdk


Guide how to connect ConnectyCube Flutter SDK https://developers.connectycube.com/flutter/?id=connect-sdk 

Screen Sharing API documentation https://developers.connectycube.com/flutter/videocalling?id=screen-sharing 

P2P and Conference Calls code samples with Screen Sharing support.

This feature allows you to start the call with the screen sharing and switch to the camera later or switch to the screen sharing during the call.

You can use our code samples as a basis if you want to add a screen sharing feature to your app to speed up and facilitate your development.

Source code:

P2P calls code sample

Conference calls code sample

To use our code samples just register a Free account here.

Feel free to check it!

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

More updates are coming soon, stay tuned and be healthy!

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