Apple JWT authentication token support for Push Notifications

             We are happy to inform you that we have added support of Apple JWT authentication token for push notifications.

What is JWT?

JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard (RFC 7519) that defines a way to securely transmit information between parties encoded as a JSON object. 

JWT is becoming increasingly popular due to its compact size which allows tokens to be easily transmitted via query strings, header attributes and within the body of a POST request and use them across different domains.

But JWT gained particular popularity with the growing famousness of the microservice architecture, because data processing occurs with the help of microservices. And this allows to avoid different authorisation errors, increase productivity and improve scalability of applications.

JSON web tokens have become the favorite choice of most modern developers because they have a number of advantages.

Major benefits of token-based authentication are:

  • you can use the same signing key from multiple provider servers (iOS,VoIP, and MacOS), and you can use one signing key to distribute notifications for all of your company’s application environments (sandbox, production). 
  • the signing key for token-based authentication does not expire. So thus there is no need to renew it annually, which you can just forget about.
  • tokens contain all the information required to authenticate a user, and thus reduce load on server and allow scalability.
  • token-based authentication is more secure. You establish trust through encrypted tokens that are frequently regenerated. SNS manages the creation and management of these tokens.

So JWT’s popularity is clearly justified.

Therefore only you can decide what suits you best depending on the nature of the requirements, but JWT can be the right option in most scenarios if implemented correctly and securely by following the all right security measures.

How to access the new feature

The feature is available to all accounts and apps via Admin panel, Push Notifications page (see the screenshot).


We hope this news will be useful for you!

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Further news will follow! Stay tuned!