Email Reminders for Meetings

Good news we have all been waiting for. We’ve just launched a must have feature that’s helping you not to forget about the upcoming meetings – Email Reminders for Meetings.

With the power of Email Notifications, the hosts can send email notifications to attendees about upcoming meetings when they create an event.

This feature is useful especially to remind all attendees some time before the meeting or when the host needs to inform its attendees about changes in the upcoming meeting.

The Email Notification ensures that your attendees do not miss a scheduled meeting. 

The following notifications are supported:

  1. new meeting has been created (meeting start time changed / new attendees added)
  2. reminder before start meeting

The Email Notification about new meeting looks like the following: 

The Email Notification for a reminder some time before the start of the meeting looks like this:

Tech details

When create a new meeting, 2 new parameters are available:

  • notify – to send or not an email notification to all attendees after a meeting is created. Default is false.
  • notify_before – a specified time object to notify before the meeting starts (reminder)

notify_before parameter object details:

Parameter Date type Description
metric string (enum) ‘minutes’, ‘hours’, ‘days’, ‘weeks’
value int ‘minutes’ range [0 – 55], ‘hours’ range [1 – 24]‘days’ range [1 – 30]‘weeks’ range [1 – 4]


Today the feature is available starting from Hobby plan only.

Hurry up to add a new feature to your apps to make it more user friendly and competitive in the market!

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Keep your eyes peeled, very soon we’re launching something new, that we know you’ll love.