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Implement a Webhook for the “Recording Done” Event

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully implemented the capability to add a webhook on the “Recording Done” event. This new feature will empower you to receive notifications as soon as a recording is completed, enhancing the overall functionality of your apps.

What Are Webhooks?


Webhooks offer a powerful tool in the toolkit of any developer. They are essentially HTTP callbacks, i.e., they are HTTP POST requests sent to a specific URL in response to specific events. Instead of continuously checking with an application for new data, webhooks deliver the data directly to you or another application the moment it becomes available. 

In the context of a ‘Recording Done’ event, the webhook would notify your application as soon as the recording is complete, which is particularly useful in video recording and live-streaming applications.

How to Implement a Webhook for the “Recording Done” Event


The first step in setting up a webhook is to define an external endpoint which will be called once recording files are available. 

You can enable and set webhook endpoint url in Meetings Settings.

Once recording files are available server will send POST requires on webhook url, payload will be an array of recording files records with details along with a meeting and host user.

The recording files are not available during the meeting, they only become available once the meeting has finished.




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Webhooks can significantly enhance the responsiveness and efficiency of your applications, thus elevating their overall functionality.

By integrating a webhook for ‘Recording Done’ events, you’re empowering your system to act instantly when a recording completes, improving the overall user experience. 

It will help to streamline your workflow and make your applications more responsive.

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Please note that the feature to add a Webhook for the “Recording Done” Event is accessible starting from Pro plan. To help you better understand the full potential of our features and assess if they align with your requirements, we provide a trial period for the Pro Plan.

If you have any questions or need further assistance during the registration process or trial period, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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