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Introducing enhanced GET Users API V2: A Leap Forward in Security.

We are thrilled to introduce the revamped GET Users API V2! Your security and data integrity have always been our top priorities, and this new API version takes those commitments to the next level.

What’s New:


Enhanced Security: Our team has meticulously fortified the GET Users API V2 to ensure a more robust layer of security. In the GET Users API V1, there was a capability to iterate over users. However, for enhanced security measures this possibility has been excluded in the GET Users API V2. We understand the critical nature of user data, and this upgrade significantly reduces vulnerabilities, providing you and your users with peace of mind.

Case-Insensitive Search: It means the text or input typed data that is not sensitive to capitalization of letters, for example, “Cubes” and “CUBES” would be considered identical in a case-insensitive search.


To disable deprecated Get Users API V1, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel (https://admin.connectycube.com).
  2. Proceed to ‘Overview’.
  3. Click on ‘Permissions’.
  4. Here, you’ll find an option labeled ‘DISABLE LIST USERS API V1’. Please check this box to complete the process.

For new applications, the Get Users API V1 will be automatically disabled.

How to Make the Most of It:


Our detailed documentation provides step-by-step guidance so to make the integration process intuitive: https://developers.connectycube.com/server/users?id=retrieve-users-v2 

Flutter APIhttps://developers.connectycube.com/flutter/authentication-and-users?id=retrieve-users

JavaScript APIhttps://developers.connectycube.com/js/authentication-and-users?id=retrieve-users-v2

React Native APIhttps://developers.connectycube.com/reactnative/authentication-and-users?id=retrieve-users-v2

Cordova APIhttps://developers.connectycube.com/cordova/authentication-and-users?id=retrieve-users-v2

NativeScript APIhttps://developers.connectycube.com/nativescript/authentication-and-users?id=retrieve-users-v2


Take advantage of our enhanced GET Users API V2 and experience the benefits firsthand. Your applications deserve the best, and we’re here to provide it.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, our support team is just help away. 

Your success is our success!

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