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Introducing Advanced Features: Whiteboard

We’re back with another part in our ongoing series on Advanced Features you can unlock with our Hobby plan. Today, we’re casting a spotlight on a versatile tool that has been changing the way we collaborate and visualize ideas: Whiteboard.

What is the Whiteboard?

A digital whiteboard, at its core, is an interactive board that allows multiple users to draw, write and collaborate in real-time. 

Whether you’re engaging in creative brainstorming sessions with your team, illustrating a complex concept, or creating the initial sketches for a project, the Whiteboard serves as your collaborative platform.

Why is the Whiteboard a Game Changer?

In an era where virtual meetings, online workshops, and remote brainstorming sessions have become the norm, having an interactive canvas is crucial. Whether you’re brainstorming, teaching remotely, or simply jotting down thoughts, our Whiteboard feature allows multiple users to collaborate in real-time, irrespective of their location.

It offers an interactive space to get creative, collaborate, and bring your ideas to life. The Whiteboard comes packed with a myriad of tools that cater to your needs – from freehand drawing to typing, from shapes to colors.

Use cases

Whiteboards have seen a surge in popularity due to the benefits they offer for collaboration, visualization, and interaction across various fields. Here are some of the most popular use cases for using Whiteboards:

  • Education, Training & Workshops: Online educators use digital Whiteboards to teach remote students, simulating a classroom environment and enhancing learner comprehension.
  • Business Meetings and Remote Collaboration: Teams use Whiteboards to organize ideas during meetings. Visual notes enhance the delivery of information.
  • Healthcare: Doctors or medical educators explain conditions, procedures, or treatment plans to patients or students.
  • Personal Use: Students use whiteboards for homework and study groups. Families plan home projects, budgets, and organize family events.

Across all these popular use cases, the Whiteboard stands out as a tool that facilitates clearer communication, encourages collaboration, and enhances comprehension through visual representation.

Getting Started

Upgrading to our Hobby plan unlocks this fantastic feature and many others. 

Whiteboard API allows to create Whiteboard functionality and associate it with a chat dialog. Chat dialog’s users can collaborate and draw simultaneously on a Whiteboard.

To share boards, you just get an easy link which you can email. Your Whiteboard stays safe in the cloud until you’re ready to return to it.

The complete flow on how to create a Wlhiteboard using ConnectyCube Writeboard API can be found here.

In Conclusion

The digital Whiteboard isn’t just a replication of its physical counterpart – it’s an evolution. As we continue to navigate an increasingly digital world, tools like the Whiteboard will be pivotal in bridging gaps and fostering collaboration.

We invite you to experience this feature firsthand. Dive into a world where ideas come alive, and collaboration knows no boundaries. 

And as always, stay tuned for more insights into our Advanced Feature set in upcoming posts! We’re here to support, inspire, and elevate your collaborative experiences.

Happy Drawing and Collaborating!

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