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New iOS Chat Code Sample

In a world where connection is key, communication tools are essential for bridging the gaps between people, no matter how far apart they may be. Effective communication is at the heart of building relationships and fostering collaboration across distances.

Today, we are excited to introduce our new iOS Chat Code Sample powered by the ConnectyCube platform and featuring SDK V2 (ConnectyCube.xcframework) under the hood.

This sample serves as a foundational template, enabling you to effortlessly develop your own chat application. With this sample, you can quickly implement robust chat functionality, ensuring seamless and efficient communication for your users.

Whether you are building a chat feature for a social app, a customer support platform, or a team collaboration tool, our iOS Chat Code Sample provides the necessary framework to get you started quickly and efficiently. 

Project contains the following features implemented:

  • User Login / SignUp / Logout
  • Chat dialogs creation
  • 1-1 messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Messaging with Attachment
  • Users search
  • Typing statuses
  • Sent / Read statuses
  • User / Group profile
  • Virtual Scroll


ConnectyCube iOS SDK can be used with the following languages and platforms:

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad) Objective-C
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad) Swift

Minimum iOS version supported is iOS 9.

ConnectyCube iOS SDK getting started

ConnectyCube Chat API documentation

Try It Today!

To use the new code sample just register a Free account here. The source code is available at GitHub – iOS Chat Code Sample

Complete iOS code sample gallery https://developers.connectycube.com/ios/code-samples

Wrapping Up

Our iOS Chat Code Sample is designed to empower developers to create sophisticated chat applications with ease. By providing a solid foundation and a range of customizable features, this sample code simplifies the development process and accelerates time-to-market. 

We warmly invite you to explore our iOS Chat Code Sample at your earliest convenience, allowing you to harness its full potential in enhancing your communication solutions. 

Happy coding! 

We eagerly await the opportunity to see the masterpieces you create!

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