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For recruiting companies it is important to communicate fast with hiring company representatives as well as job applicants

Add ConnectyCube platform into your project to communicate faster and have video interviews with applicants who are at remote location

Own instant messaging app can also help you make your business look more professional and your project more competitive on the market!

Our core advantages are:

Use Cases

Faster communication

Faster communication with applicants and customers

Email communication is often slow and inefficient when you need to arrange something fast. Chat app can help you to communicate with your customers and job applicants faster and get everything arranged within a few minutes instead of hours.


Attaching CVs, tasks, contracts

You might need to request a CV from job applicants and send it to the customer. It's easy and fast to do it via chat.

Get tasks from customers and send them to applicants via chat within a few minutes.

When negotiations with a customer are completed, you can send the contract via chat and get response about its receipt fast.


Interview with a remote job applicant

Imagine you need to hire a native speaker from abroad for a large corporation. Inviting a lot of applicants to personal interview will cost the company a lot of money which it would like to avoid, of course. Be ahead of all your competitors and help the company select only a few persons to invite.

Or another situation. A company needs to hire a person with hearing impairment and you need to interview the applicant before meeting him/her in person. A video call can be handy in this case.


Recording interviews

You might need to record interviews to show it to hiring company experts later. Use audio/video recording feature to save the videos.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing

During interview with an applicant your technical experts might need to ask him to write some code and show it to assess his skills better. In this case screen sharing is really useful since the applicant can share his screen and you will see the code he writes.

Adding participants to call

Adding participants to ongoing call

During interview you might need to add/remove experts to assess the applicant's skills. Our SFU based solution allows adding/removing participant during ongoing call.

Negotiations with hiring company

Negotiations with hiring company

If your customer is at remote location, you might need to have a video call to negotiate on terms and conditions of the deal and clarify their requirements to job applicants.

Negotiating via own channels adds value to your company and can persuade your customers that you are the best and most successful on the market.

Masking bad words

Masking bad words

Job seekers might be not always polite. In order to protect your recruiters as well as customers from rude and arrogant people use our Trust and Safety tool to moderate chat content.

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