New Android SDK v1.5.0

Posted by Charlie on December 4, 2018

Great news! New Android SDK v1.5.0 is now available! Most changes are related to auth module:


In ConnectycubeAuth:

  • getUserSessions(). Retrieve list ConnectycubeUserSessionDetails of all user sessions.
  • deleteUserSessionsExceptCurrent(). Delete all user sessions except the current one.
  • deleteUserSessionById(int sessionId). Delete user session by specific id.
Parameter Description
sessionId The user session ID to delete

You can find it on our GitHub page.

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New iOS SDK v1.6 is here!

Posted by Charlie on December 3, 2018


We are glad to let you know about new iOS SDK release, which includes:


  • Session errors parsing
  • + [CYBRequest addAdminsToDialogWithID:adminsUserIDs:successBlock:errorBlock:] – method for adding admins into group/public dialog.
  • + [CYBRequest removeAdminsFromDialogWithID:adminsUserIDs:successBlock:errorBlock:] – method for removing admins from group/public dialog.


  • Added CYBChatDialog in successBlock into + [CYBRequest addAdminsToDialogWithID:adminsUserIDs:successBlock:errorBlock:] method – without deprecating
  • Added CYBChatDialog in successBlock into + [CYBRequest removeAdminsFromDialogWithID:adminsUserIDs:successBlock:errorBlock:] method – without deprecating

It is available on our GitHub page, documentation how to use iOS SDK is available on our website.


New release of iOS SDK v1.5

Posted by Charlie on November 16, 2018

Great news!

Meet new release of ConnectyCube iOS SDK v1.5. There are pretty much changes in it:


  • Added new property occupantsCount into CYBChatDialogclass – public dialog only
  • Added new property viewsCount into CYBChatDialogclass – public dialog only
  • Added new property ‘avatar’ into  CYBUser and CYBUpdateUserParameters classes
  • Added new class CYBUserSessionDetails 
  • Added new class property useMutualSubscriptionForContactList into CYBSettings – for using mutual subscription for ContactList
  • Added + [CYBRequest userSessionsWithSuccessBlock:errorBlock:] method for retrieving user sessions
  • Added  + [CYBRequest deleteUserSessionWithID:successBlock:errorBlock:] method for deleting session of user with session ID
  • Added + [CYBRequest occupantsForPublicDialogID:paginator:successBlock:errorBlock:]method for retrieving occupants of public chat dialog with dialog ID
  • Added + [CYBRequest deleteAllUserSessionsExceptCurrentWithSuccessBlock:errorBlock:]method for deleting all sessions of user


  • tags property from CYBBlob class

You can find new SDK on our GitHub page.


ConnectyCube Android SDK v1.4.0 release

Posted by Charlie on November 12, 2018


We are glad to let you know about the release of ConnectyCube Android SDK v1.4.0. The following changes were made to chat module:


In ConnectycubeChatDialog:

  • getOccupantsCount(). Returns the occupant’s count for Public dialog.

In ConnectycubeRestChatService:

  • getPublicDialogOccupants(String dialogId, RequestGetBuilder requestBuilder). Retrieving occupants of public chat dialog.
Parameter Description
dialogId The public dialog ID to get occupants
requestBuilder The requestGetBuilder allows to set parameters for a get/search request

New SDK could be found here